Matthew Krivanek Google Review

In October we had a major leak in our main line. In the cold and late hour, Paul came to shut off our water because our system has a strange shut odd valve. Early the next morning he arrived. Our leak was up by the house, under a sidewalk area and we just had new sod put in a few months earlier. Paul was able to preserve our grass and replace the line.

Yesterday (Aug 2020) we had a leak in what appeared to be the mainline closer to the road. Again, Paul took the call and had it been the work previously done, stood by making it right. Well, it wasn’t the mainline, it was our year old, not properly installed sprinkler system but it wouldn’t allow water to get to the house and was flooding the yard and required shutting off the main line. Now corrected and properly installed.
We respect a company that would have been willing to accept it had been their prior work and shows up. Amazing integrity. It wasn’t their prior work, it was someone else’s work and now if our sprinklers decide to break, we can just shut them off and still have water to the house.
Professional, great work, goes the extra mile and tremendous integrity. I highly recommend the team.